Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots


Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

Revis is unlike any cornerback the Patriots have had at training camp in recent years. He makes ridiculous interceptions look routine, such as one he had on a deep fade to Julian Edelman early in camp, where he leaped while falling backwards to make the grab over his head, landing on his back and keeping the ball through the catch.
Poll: Who has more catches in 2014?

We still have yet to see Dobson and Thompkins has flashed early in camp. But who catches more balls in 2014, the second-round pick or the undrafted guy?

Regrouping after one week of Patriots training camp

We’re one week into training camp for the New England Patriots, and just one week away from their first preseason game, so it’s time to take a look at what we’ve learned so far about this edition of the Pats.

It’s hard not to be excited, especially on the defensive side of the ball, where the Pats are as healthy as we could’ve hoped headed into camp. Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly and Will Smith, all coming off major injuries, appear to be on track for the start of the season.

On the back end, the secondary has been as expected with Revis and Browner leading the way. Browner’s attitude and Revis’ high level of play have already seemed to bring a new swagger to the Pats defense that has been missing for a long time.

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Tweets of Note from Thursday Patriots Practice

We’re now a full week into training camp and the team has had five-straight practices in pads (though the intensity was a little dialed back today per reports). We’ll have some general thoughts about what we’ve heard and learned in this first week later today. 

For now, here are some tweets that stood out about today’s practice.

Video: New England Patriots - 2014 SiriusXM NFL Radio Training Camp Tour

Do you think Wendell is out of the center battle, it seems as if it's going to stork or connolly(of courts it's very early)

I think at this point you can’t read too much into any of it. They’re moving guys around, giving them reps at various spots to show what they can do. The thing I look at most is who is getting the reps, especially in the 1-v-1’s. Not so much how they do, but the guys who get the most reps are the ones who are auditioning.

But as I’ve said many times this offseason, Connolly’s advantage is he can play guard or center. Wendell is only a center. But Connolly also has a sizable salary that is a consideration on him as well.

It’s tough to say how it will all fit together, and certainly if Stork’s injury is significant it becomes less and less likely that he’s going to win the starting center spot out of camp. Every rep for him was vital and each day that goes by without him is a setback.

I don’t think we can look past Josh Kline either, he’s stood out in 1-v-1’s. And then you have Marcus Cannon who could probably play four of the five OL positions.

We’re not even a week into camp, there’s still a lot that can and will happen.

Good read from Frenz. Can’t wait to see this secondary in action!