Congrats to Peyton on throwing all those touchdowns (except the ones that came against us).

Congrats to Peyton on throwing all those touchdowns (except the ones that came against us).

Loaded with great stats!



Tom Brady to Randy Moss to set the NFL’s Single Season Receiving Touchdown record with 27. (2007) 

Still love this moment.

Happy stress-free Sunday morning! I found this article pretty interesting because I feel like I’m on the front lines of what Eric Wilbur talks about.

Bruce Allen does a really good job simplifying the different factions of fans that follow the Patriots. As you might guess, I do find myself in the first group described here by Allen, though I don’t despise the opinion side, I just want them to know what they’re talking about:

The first group of fans thinks the ‘reporting’ side of the media generally does an OK job covering the team. They despise the ‘opinion’ side, who they feel only find fault with everything the team does despite its record of success. Despise may not be a strong enough term. That second group of fans feels the opposite. To them, the ‘reporting’ side are a bunch of homers, while their heroes on the ‘opinion’ side tell it like it is. Both fan bases have very strong feelings about these groups.”

Here’s the thing for me, I’m fine with accurate, insightful criticism, there just isn’t much out there currently. Also, no matter which sport or team, there are always good fans and bad fans.

Some people just like to take out all their negative energy through their sports fandom and that’s fine.

So I accept that there will be people bitching about Josh McDaniels’ playcalling every single week. Someone will tell you “your a idiot” in the comments. Some people are angry. Okay.

I have been a Patriots fan since the 80’s. I’ve shot 3/4” video on the sideline of their ninth straight loss to open the 1992 season. I saw my first fight in the parking lot of Sullivan Stadium. I remember what it was like when the Pats sucked.

I’ve blogged about the Patriots since December of 2007. I know what is fair or stupid criticism. Yes, the Patriots have been very good over that stretch, but there were plenty of mistakes.

But the major talking points of the past few weeks were just entertaining speculation posing as journalism.

Wilbur asked the “Trade Brady?” question last week so clearly it was the backlash against this that was impetus for today’s article.

Wilbur certainly has the right to ask the question, but the answer to me is simple and immediate:

No. The Patriots should not trade Tom Brady.

I have followed the team with a microscope for eight years. I don’t need to read Wilbur’s reasoning of why it could make sense. It doesn’t, and really, it’s so obvious that it feels like Wilbur is just trolling Patriots fans.

And now with today he’s scolding them for calling him out on it.

That kind of discussion doesn’t really interest me and I don’t blame Brady and Belichick fans for sniping back at the hot sportz take.

There certainly are things worth discussing and debating. But that’s not what’s on the main airwaves outside of Greg Bedard’s weekly appearance on WEEI.

The biggest problem for the old-guard media is the emergence of football fans who are more knowledgeable than about the game than they are.

With the availability of All-22 gamefilm and more X-and-O-centric websites like and, the game is no longer just a mystery of strangely-choreographed violence.

But the old media is still trying to get by on gut feelings and tired storylines. Those who want to know how much Cover-1 Robber the Pats are running just aren’t interested in what Dennis and Callahan are selling anymore.

Ultimately though, so what if not all Patriots fans are pissing and moaning about their team. Is that really the problem? Isn’t it okay to be loyal to your sports team? To give them the benefit of the doubt? Who cares. It’s a sports team, not some dictator.

We can all agree that someday these will be the good old days, and all the Patriots fans who are still left can enjoy being miserable about how it feels to be 1-6.

Until then, let’s accept that despite their flaws and mistakes, what we’ve seen the last 14 years from Belichick and Brady has been extremely special.

I’ll be enjoying it, win or lose, because I know they’ll go down swinging, not trading Brady five games into the season.

Belichick has also been among the best draft managers in football in terms of trading down to acquire talent, a skill that is strongly correlated with consistent, sustained success. Belichick has struggled at times with scouting college players and identifying talent, but by remaining patient and acquiring extra picks, he has reduced the risk involved with that weakness. Furthermore, his ability to scout the league and adapt his schemes to fit players who were marginalized elsewhere has also created incalculable value for the Patriots.

Good read from Reiss, and I totally agree with his observations that the defense was essentially gassed. They’re a lot better than they showed, because once again, as was the case in the two losses, it was simple matters of not getting off blocks and not making tackles they were in position to make.

They have just two games between now and mid-November. They’ll be a lot fresher by then.

Pats Posits: A divisional win is a divisional win

Going into last night’s game I didn’t really care much about style points, and there were certainly none to give out, at least on the defensive side of the ball.

Given the events of the past week —  two divisional games in five days, losing defensive and offensive leaders for the season, and missing two of the interior offensive lineman who had stabilized the protection —  add it all up and it was one of those games where all you really care about it getting a win and that’s what the Pats got.

Here are my Posits…

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