What have you seen in how the safety spot next to Mccourty has been handled

Pretty straight forward - Patrick Chung is the primary strong safety and Tavon Wilson spells him. Chung usually is in the box and has been a far more significant piece of the defense than a lot of people expected him to be. It hasn’t been mentioned much but he had a strong day in coverage yesterday - something that was usually his weakness.

I like the physicality and experience Chung brings to the position. I think the Pats were okay with the tradeoff of him and Gregory. Though I’m still not sure how much he plays later in the season when Browner’s back, against the top passing teams.

Duron Harmon is more of a free safety and comes on when they want someone on the back end so McCourty can move down or they can play two-deep zones. Ebner has been the real surprise, carving out a role for himself in the dime defense in the Money role. Need to take a closer look to see exactly how they are using him.

You say that Revis doesn't look like someone we should back the money truck up for, and I think that is at worst: wrong, and at best: premature. I thought he played well week 1, great week 2, and albeit he allowed a couple of receptions and one of them was long I felt he played well week 3 too. Even the catches he has allowed, he has been in position with his head turned attempting to make a deflection, but he just misses the ball ad the catch is made. From what I can see he's better than Talib.

It is premature. I’m not advocating anything on anyone just yet. Revis will prove his worth against AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Megatron, Jordy Nelson and any other top receiver the Pats face, but I certainly don’t think it’s set in stone that the Pats pay whatever Revis wants this offseason. At this point I don’t think Revis has transformed our defense just yet. Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower have been better at their positions, but it’s a long season and we’ll let it all play out.

Pats Posits: Offense’s start is carbon copy of 2013

I was about to write some snap reactions last night, but maybe because I was sick or maybe because I just didn’t feel like writing about such an annoying game, I put it off until this morning.

So now everyone has an opinion and a lot of them are valid, while some are not - looking at you ‘the 3-4 doesn’t work’ guy. I really try to reserve judgement until after the first quarter of the season, so while we’re certainly close to that, I don’t want to be a chicken little just yet.

Let’s start with the positive - the defense. Was it perfect yesterday? Nope. Did Revis look like a guy we should back up the money truck for this offseason? Nope. Was there enough pass rush? Not even close. But is this still the most promising defense since the mid-2000s? Absolutely.

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Always nice to hear from Brady the morning after, especially after losses or ugly ones.

Some good commentary from the opposition that might make you feel a little tiny bit better about the offense’s potential.

The Patriots held the Raiders to 241 yards of total offense, allowed conversions on 5-of-13 third downs (38.4 percent), and neither of the Raiders’ trips to the red zone resulted in a touchdown.

Certainly wasn’t a perfect defensive performance, but I’ll take those numbers any week.

How a Defense Can Struggle Without Giving Up a Touchdown - Extra Points - Boston.com

Victory Monday! (via Raiders vs. Patriots: Week 3)

Victory Monday! (via Raiders vs. Patriots: Week 3)


Thank the heavens for Wilfork Island! #Patriots fans love life there.


Big Game Interception from Big Vince in Wk 3

Clearly the Patriots team MVP through the first three games of the season.

Clearly the Patriots team MVP through the first three games of the season.