Rookie CB Daxton Swanson had a stellar mini-camp, and he carried it over with a fine performance on Friday. He notched a pass break-up on a throw from Brady to LaFell, and made a difficult interception on an errant pass by Garoppolo. Swanson is a dark horse candidate for the roster.
Friday Tweets of Note from Patriots Training Camp

Looks like we have our first injury of the preseason as Greg Orton went down and was carted off. As I flipped on Sportscenter this morning (a somewhat rare occurance) I immediately noticed a player down and being tended to by the training staff. It was a tense few moments until someone said it was Orton. Nothing against him, just grateful it wasn’t someone at the higher end of the depth chart. Hope he’s okay.

Here are some tweets that stood out to me today…

Been saying that Connolly has an advantage over Wendell in that he’s versatile. Wendell’s only a center and it could cost him a job.

Swanson’s going to be one to keep an eye on this preseason

Memmmmories…. How long ago does it seem when the Patriots had one of the absolute dominant defenses of the NFL? I don’t know how this group is going to come together. Sure, on paper, it looks like it could be great, but we all know how quickly injuries can derail things. Hopefully it all comes together like we think it could.

Really wouldn’t be surprised to see James White lead the team in yardage a couple times this season. Vereen and Ridley have had their issues and if they pop up again I think we’ll see a heavy dose of White in a variety of roles.

I think what [Bill Belichick] saw last year in the [AFC] Championship Game was we really struggled getting off the field against Denver. His answer was not only Darrelle Revis but Brandon Browner to couple that with some of the other pieces they have in the secondary. They’€™re going to try to turn a weakness into a strength, and with Browner and Revis and their physicality, I think it’€™s going to greatly improve their man-to-man defense.’€
The Patriots were running a no-huddle drill at the end of practice, and Wilfork — in a jersey so soaked in sweat that the navy blue appeared black from the adjacent hill — participated in every snap, hurrying back to the line even as the offense hurried to beat the defense to the punch.
All signs are positive on Wilfork so far. Really quite impressive considering the injury and his size. Let’s hope there are no setbacks.
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I’m excited to be out here with my teammates and working to get better,” Brady said after the two-hour practice. “It’s a long training camp. It’s going to be a lot of effort and a lot of work. There is no easy way about it. You just have to grind and put the work in and listen to the coaches, try to make the improvements. Hopefully when we start the season, we’ll be a lot better team than we are now.
The Patriots spent a lot of time in offensive formations that included three wide receivers. In the past, the two-tight end offense has been the preference, but the precedent could be changing in New England with an abundance of wide receivers that have different skill sets.
Good notes from Frenz, nice to start seeing the reports pour in. We’re just two weeks away from the first preseason game. Wow, it’s all happening…
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