Why do you think belichick values the cone drills so much

I just think of all the stupid testing metrics used on incoming players, the three-cone is the closest possible one to translating to a real football situation.

How many times in a game does a player lie on his back and lift 225 pounds repeatedly? Or jump straight into the air as high or far as he can? Or all out sprint for 40 yards?

Now how many times does he have to quickly navigate a small area maximizing his agility? That’s something just about every football player has to do on every play.

The importance of this skillset is magnified even more for receivers and defensive backs, where whether or not the receiver gets open is often determined within just a couple seconds of the snap.

Even linebackers and defensive linemen need that short area quickness and agility to beat blocks, cover or blitz/pass rush.

Bang. That. Drum.

Expect the Pats to lock down someone like Will Smith after the draft, but the true question might be whether or not Buchanan or some rookie or even Bequette can develop into a legitimate pass rush specialist.

Hard to beat the mighty 3-cone drill when predicting Pats picks.

I like this mock draft from Mike Loyko, always makes me feel a little better about my draft board when the guys like Mike who really study this stuff far closer than I do have a majority of guys I have in my Top 50.

Clearly the bandwagon started on Jace Amaro, moved to Ra’Shede Hageman and is now coming to Dominique Easley. For anyone who has followed this blog, they know I’ve been DYING for them to take a guy like Easley, so I won’t get my hopes up.

I think the position that could be the selection in the first round that I haven’t seen on any mocks is at guard.

Make a bold prediction right now: do the patriots and revis reach a long term deal or does he leave after this year

Long-term deal and he retires as a Patriot and enters Canton as one. How’s that for bold?

Kicking off schedule-release Wednesday with some bold predictions for the Pats in the draft. I also think they’ll take a tight end but I didn’t find that all that bold of a prediction.

I’ve gotten a few chances to visit with Revis, obviously competing against him over the years," Slater said this afternoon. "I got a chance to meet him and spend some time with him in Hawaii (at the Pro Bowl) this year. Really a good guy, does everything the right way, plays the game the right way, and you respect that about a guy, no matter who he plays for. If he plays the game hard, plays the game the right way, you respect it, and he’s definitely one of those guys.
Quarterback Tom Brady headlined the list of captains who were also on hand for the opening session, and it’s believed every player on the team was in attendance, according to a source. The nine-week program sets the base for the upcoming season, and Pats captains routinely harp on the importance of establishing camaraderie and a unified work ethic during this run.