Bruce Gaston did a heck of a job on our defensive line — really showed up, blowing up some blockers and made a little name for himself in that scrimmage (Saturday)," said head coach Bruce Arians, who later told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM that Gaston "is a big, powerful guy. I mean when I saw a couple of offensive lineman come backwards, it’s just like, ‘Whoa, who’s over there?’ I thought it was (Darnell Dockett) or Calais (Campbell) or somebody, and it was (No.) 75. I said, ‘Hmm, I like that.’
Quick, strong and tenacious, Quarles projects equally well inside as a 4-3 defensive tackle or outside as a five-technique defensive end.

Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina, NFL Draft - -

More tackle depth, the long snapper will have to wait.

After years of doing so, the Patriots altered course and scrapped the idea of giving members of the rookie class creative haircuts.
Pats send Mallett to Houston for a conditional 6th-round draft pick

Can’t say I’m surprised and really, just happy we got anything for him as I was ready to release him. And it’s only a 6th-rounder if he plays 40 percent of the snaps. Otherwise it’s a 7th-rounder.

That shows you where Mallett’s value was around the league, with Dallas also interested in him.

Garoppolo would have some ups and downs but is a far better fit for the Patriots offense.

Mallett overcame any concerns of “character issues” and was a solid back-up for three seasons. Luckily he was never needed. I wish him the best.

There’s some speed at wide receiver that could accommodate Mallett’s game in Houston. We’ll see if he can develop more touch.

Now we can sign some long snapper and we’re on to Miami!

Garoppolo, the second-round pick and potential quarterback of the future, was impersonating the uniquely vivacious special teams coordinator Scotty O’Brien, and by all accounts, Garoppolo orchestrated the most entertaining rookie skit of this annual rite of summer.

Tilted: Sebastian Vollmer

Fun stuff from the big German.

I wonder how much Bill Belichick is factoring in a potential 2016 compensatory draft choice when considering Ryan Mallett’s standing on the roster. Mallett’s contract expires after the 2014 season, and he’ll almost certainly sign elsewhere, a move that will count in the Patriots’ favor in the compensatory pick formula.
Notes on the Patriots (initial) 53-Man Roster

There are sure to be some more moves coming over the next day or so, but the New England Patriots initial 53-man roster has taken shape with no major surprises (yet).

The biggest thing appears that the Pats wanted to protect 10 offensive linemen. Not all 10 will likely be on the roster by Tuesday, but the Pats prevented another team from swooping in an taking one of their guys at this point. Clearly with much uncertainty upfront, it makes sense to try and hang on to as many guys who are experienced in the system as possible.

Still, Barker or Devey is likely next to go once a long snapper is signed, but it will be easier to get them on the practice squad today/tomorrow than if they had been released on Saturday.

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