The Seahawks have shown us that you can play GREAT defenses under the rules, is it really that hard for other teams to do it, is it the scheme that they run, is it the rules, I'm curious from your perspective why do you think the Seahawks can play great defense while under the same rules as everybody else with better results

There’s a lot of things going on with Seattle’s defense. I’ll try to be brief.

I think the key elements are their consistent pass rush up front and Earl Thomas. With those two pieces in place everything else looks even better.

They are a Cover-3 team and Thomas’ range and anticipation allow them to have Chancellor in the box destroying people. There simply aren’t many free safeties as good as Thomas, even McCourty. He makes very good players look great.

The physicality and disciplined tackling are quite impressive considering the rule changes. Credit to Pete Carroll there, it’s certainly not easy.

But it shows that when you have a versatile and athletic front seven that can rotate and cause consistent chaos, it really makes a defense.

What you have to admire about Seattle’s defense is they just do what they do and ask opponents to beat it without disguise or tricks. I think the Patriots emulated that somewhat this offseason with the concerted effort to bring more physicality to their secondary, and a more diverse range of options in their front seven.

The Patriots will never be a straightforward Cover-3 team, but hopefully with McCourty and Revis/Browner, they can replicate some of what Seattle does. The Seahawks had great success against Peyton Manning, so it’s obvious why the Pats would try to take a page from their book.

We have heard all week about how bad the run defense was which is was but how did the pass defense look to you when back to look at the game

Well they only gave up 2 plays of 20+ yards so that’s a good thing, but otherwise they were just okay. Pass rush certainly wasn’t enough of a factor and even when they got pressure they committed a penalty on it.

But when you’re getting gashed by the run game it really just destroys your defensive flexibility because you’re overly concerned with getting the run stopping right. Then you’re open to getting passed on as well, especially in play action.

Plus it was the sub runs that killed the Pats, something that has almost become an early season custom.

Miami was also 7-13 on third down as well which is over 50% and unacceptable. 

I think there are a lot of promising pieces and they certainly all showed flashes of what they’re capable of, but they’re clearly not on the same page yet in an aspect of the game. 

New England Patriots Gameplan: Week 2 at Minnesota Vikings

We’re finally on to Week 2, putting the ugly season-opening loss to Miami behind us! The Minnesota Vikings provide just the right kind of tough challenges the Patriots need to face to prove they’re not the team that laid a major egg on the road in Miami last week.

Here’s our game plan!

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The floor is open for questions or comments or whatever else you guys feel like asking. Vikings gameplan coming later this afternoon.

Need Sunday to get here so I can get this taste of Dolphin out of my mouth.

Great read as always, love Bruschi’s perspective, especially on 2008 when Cassel was thrust into the driver’s seat. He was so, so bad in the preseason, we were right to all panic. He was solid though and they won 11 games, of course the schedule was pretty weak and they never beat any of the elite AFC teams but it wasn’t a total dumpster fire many expected.

[T]he Patriots have the personnel and experience to tweak things for the better. The starting four-man line should be Rob Ninkovich and Jones at end, with Wilfork at nosetackle and Chris Jones at three-technique. Siliga can spell Wilfork, and Easley has vast pass-rushing potential sharing time with Jones. The Patriots and Belichick, the general manager, are taking a big risk counting so heavily on the 32-year-old Wilfork. If they lose him, it will look like the end of last season when teams piled up yards against the Patriots.
Thoughts and prayers with those who lost their lives 13 years ago.

Thoughts and prayers with those who lost their lives 13 years ago.