its week 4 of the 2014 season. what happens at the CB position opposite of Revis? I'm not sure at all how Browner affects Dennard? if Browner works out then is Dennard done or is he held on to incase there is an injury? Can Logan Ryan be used like an Arrington upgrade?

Unfortunately I think there will be at least minor injuries that will make this easier to flush out, but assuming full health it obviously seems like there’s almost too many talented corners to get them all on the field.

Revis is out there obviously, and I think the Kyle Arrington is just about set in stone in the slot. While I think Logan Ryan can play every position in the secondary, I like how Arrington matches up on guys in the slot a little bit better. Just look at what Arrington did against Welker in two games - 8 catches for 69 yards total. That’s usually a sub-par single game for Welker.

So I think what we have to prepare for is for the secondary to be a matchup defense. Maybe you see Browner on the bigger outside receivers one week, the next you see Dennard a bit more on a smaller shiftier guy. Or maybe it’s Ryan. It really could change week to week.

If everyone’s healthy I don’t think we can just pencil in anyone outside of Revis and Arrington. It could be a legitimate rotation that is unpredictable for the opposition. Browner certainly has his strengths, but he also has some weaknesses that could be protected with Dennard and Ryan in certain matchups.

One thing to watch will be how much play Dennard and Ryan get in the slot during camp. You have to have a second slot guy for sure, but Dennard has been exclusively outside in his two years even though he seems to have good size and tenacity to play in the slot.

Willie McGinest - Remain Raw - Highlights

Always love a throwback Pats highlight film like this one.

It’s the final Friday Q&A before camp starts. Any last thoughts, questions, comments, whatevs?

Patriots Training Camp Preview: Tight End

With Rob Gronkowski ending the 2013 season on IR once again, most prognosticators figured the Pats would make a move on a tight end, either in free agency, the draft, or both this offseason.

The Pats re-signed Michael Hoomanawanui, but didn’t spend a single draft pick at the position, when most mocks gave them one of Jace Amaro, Troy Niklas, CJ Fiedorowicz or Austin Seferian Jenkins.

The Pats did kick the tires on a few of the injured free agent tight ends but never made a move. What can we expect to see from a lighter-than-expected tight end group this season?

Here’s our preview of a sparse tight end group.

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Revis’s pride will be fully engaged this season in Foxboro, and that could turn out to be a very good thing indeed for a New England team that knows it must tighten things down defensively if a fourth Super Bowl ring is to ever be secured by quarterback Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the team’s 15th-year head coach.

Don Banks: 2014 NFL training camps: Storylines to follow - NFL -

Nothing readers of this blog didn’t already know here, but always nice to be reminded that the Pats did in fact sign Revis this offseason. It wasn’t a dream…

Is this the Revis effect?

Patriots have three open roster spots now with the release of Jeremy Johnson and Reese Wiggins, along with yesterday’s retirement of Armond Armstead. Expect some additions before camp opens next week. Maybe a tight end?

We tend to look for big-ticket items to mark offseason improvement. It would be much easier to draw conclusions about the Patriots’ Plan B if they had committed a major asset to acquire a No. 1 receiver or maneuvered to draft an instant-impact tight end. Generally speaking, I think we all know the Patriots don’t operate in such dramatic fashion. There are no easily identifiable signs that tell you they have put together a more balanced offense, and in truth, no team can expect an equal performance without one of its best players on the field. If you look close enough, however, you can see that the Patriots seem to have planted the seeds of nuanced possibility.

Inside Slant: Patriots without Gronkowski - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN

Nodding… I’ve said it many times before, little-to-no credit is ever given to development of internal players. This should be a big year for that on offense for the Pats’ offense.

Patriots Training Camp Preview: Offensive Line

The offensive line has long been a point of pride for the New England Patriots. But recent years have brought transition, and they will be further put to the test with this offseason’s departure of legendary offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

The Pats were able to reinforce their line in the draft this year, and with the return of Sebastian Vollmer, the Pats should once again be able to give Tom Brady top-notch protection.

Here’s our preview of the offensive line.

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