From our article last week "Predicting the Pats PUP’ers" numbers 2, 3, and 4 of the top 5 have been PUP’d.

Still not ruling Mankins out for the opener, but maybe it’s best to go easy on him.

Pryor is big disappointment, just lost a little more faith in him being the interior pass rusher this team so badly needs.  Did the door just open for Justin Francis a bit more?

Vollmer’s inability to get healthy is really starting to concern me. Is Marcus Cannon capable of being the starting right tackle? Because right now heading into camp the O-line looks like this:

Solder-Connolly-Koppen-Waters (?)-Cannon

or even…


Not exactly the veteran crew we’re used to. Dante Scarnecchia has yet another chance to prove his worth, which I’m sure he will. But yeah, a little bit nervous about all the turnover.

Finally with Spikes he must still be recovering from knee surgery, but this isn’t going to help him in his looming battle with Dont’a Hightower for playing time. At least we’ll get a lot of looks at Hightower. I wonder if he leaves the field in preseason.

But hey, no Gronk on the list is a huge plus. He was my number one guy needed healthy and it looks like the Gronkle has finally been put to rest.

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