What are your early impressions of Devin McCourty this year? He dropped a couple (few?) interceptions, but he's looked better in coverage than last year overall.

McCourty’s few errors this year have been ones that have drawn a lot of attention, but overall he’s really bounced back strong this year. Let’s compare his completions allowed percentage over the past three seasons for the first four games.

  • 2010: 63.7%, 0 ints, 3 passes defended
  • 2011: 65.4%, 0 ints, 3 passes defended
  • 2012: 41.4%. 2 ints, 5 passes defended

It’s pretty clear his performance thus far in 2012 has been the best start to any of his seasons, giving up catches on just 41.4% of the plays he’s targeted is impressive. For comparison, Revis is usually around 40% for his full season ratings.

McCourty’s ratings across the board per ProFootballFocus.com have not just been all positive, but in the green, signifying they were well above average. Four games, four green grades in pass coverage. He’s been consistent and making plays on the ball, that’s all you can ask.

The end of the Baltimore game and the deserved pass interference call put a bad taste in a lot of Pats fans mouths, but overall McCourty looks better than ever. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his return to 2010 form has the defense looking like the ball hawks they were in 2010.

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