Bill Belichick always comes into the team meeting and gives each unit three goals. I think one of the three on defense this week will be to set the edge on Reggie Bush, but it will be altered a bit — it will be ‘set the edge and keep the edge.’ Bush does a great job of recognizing the edge is set, playing with you a little bit by making the defensive end think he’s going inside between the tackles, before bouncing out. So the Patriots really have to be disciplined in terms of setting the edge and keeping the edge against Bush. It’s similar to when they played the Bills and running back C.J. Spiller and they used players like Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich to peel off their rush and cover him, or ‘butch’ him as soon as he tries to release, which is coming off the rush and hitting him. That will be a big part of the plan because Bush is one of Tannehill’s best weapons.
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