My question is about the RB position for next year. Ridley and Vareen should be locks. I know that BB seems to like what Bolden offers. But with Demps coming off IR, could we possibly see Danny Woodhead get cut? I would hate to see this, but I dont see us carrying 5 backs. The only other option I can see is cutting Slater and letting Demps be our Special Teams guy. Your thoughts?

I think there’s room for everyone at least going into camp. Runningback is one of those positions where you’ll often have injuries so there’s no need to try and over-engineer things this off-season.

With the Pats likely to lose Wes Welker their offense will go through another evolution and who knows how all these versatile running backs will come together in that new attack.

Obviously it will be one of the more interesting areas to watch next summer with so many talented guys, but I’d suspect that all have a chance to make the team. And I don’t think Slater is in any way influenced by the running back personnel.

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