1. Let's say Talib turns out to be the difference maker on defense, and they obviously like Dennard on the outside. Does McCourty become trade bait in the offseason?2. Who are some potential free agents/releases that you'd like to see the Patriots take a shot at in 2013?3. Who are some potential draft picks you're looking at? - Mike Shea

1. I think McCourty has solidified himself as a long term piece of the puzzle at safety so I don’t think he’s trade bait. But I also think it’s far from a lock that Talib re-signs with New England. We only have a small sample size on him now, but who knows what the Pats will be thinking with him, how well he really fits in, etc. But yes, Dennard looks like a keeper too. Things are starting to fall into place back there with or without Talib.

2. My biggest priority would be re-signing Sebastian Vollmer. However Marcus Cannon looks like pretty good insurance if Vollmer wants a huge payday. Right Tackles aren’t that hard to find, but I love Vollmer and hope he’s back. As for outside Free Agents who wouldn’t love to see the Pats try to lure Ed Reed to New England. They could certainly use a player like him on the back end, and I’m sure BB would love the chance to coach him. We’ll see if he leaves Baltimore.

3. Getting into some prelim draft stuff this week, but I’m going to be looking closely at the defensive tackle and wide receiver classes most closely.

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