If the PATS lose Welker in free agency, who will they target in free agency. What about Talib and his potential replacement. Who do you think will be the pats long term safety besides DMAC.

I’ve seen some people throw around Danny Amendola’s name as a Welker replacement which seems a little on the nose to me, but I wouldn’t rule it out since McDaniels is familiar with him and he’d come pretty cheap.

I really have no idea on Talib, there’s so much left to see with him. If he flourishes in the coming weeks or seems invisible it will certainly influence how much the Pats will be willing to do to bring him back. We have to wait and see on him.

I like DMAC at safety but I think it still leaves a spot open for at strong safety and for that Tavon Wilson is most intriguing to me. Wilson has fallen down the depth chart a bit since Gregory and Chung have come back and Talib’s been added but I like his size and coverage ability in the slot. Still think we could see a strong safety type added in the off-season, seems like there’s quite a few good safety prospects in the draft that should be available at the bottom of the first round.

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