Will the Pats blitz more with Chandler out and when he comes back. Do you like the idea of Donta and Brandon coming through the middle or off the edges together more down the stretch.

I don’t expect to see them blitz too much more this week at least. Next week against Houston might be a different story. But they must find ways to generate pressure up the middle in Cunningham’s absence so I’m all for using Hightower especially there. Spikes in general is a great run blitzer and they’re starting to move him around a bit more in part to make it harder to attack him in coverage, but also to prevent the run.

I think the Pats know Chandler Jones is a huge key to a Super Bowl run. They needed a lot of luck last year after losing Andre Carter, and they don’t want to be in the same position this year, so they’re taking it slow with him to make sure he’s not going to re-injure himself or make it worse.

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