On Tavon Wilson: I think he's got good instincts and physical skills but seems limited in deep coverage. However as a short area, either linebacker-hybrid or playing the robber in cover 1 I like him for his speed and instincts. He seems to fall for certain things that make him dangerous on the back end.

He’s definitely more of a strong safety, but he has good enough quickness to play in the slot. Wilson was thrust onto center stage this season a little early after getting drafted higher than anyone thought he would. There’s no question he was out of his element playing center field for the Patriots defense, in charge of getting the calls from the linebackers and relaying it to the corners, etc.

I still think that long term he and McCourty could very well be our starters coming out of camp in 2013. He just needs to get his feet wet this year and then he seems to have the skills to blossom after a year in the system. But strong safeties who have the quickness to cover in the slot are rare, and Wilson has the chance to be one of those guys. We’ll see next year.

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