Football Outsiders’ latest DVOA update is out and the Patriots are back to the number one team in the NFL!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest stats and they paint a pretty clear picture of this team:

Overall: 1st

Offense: 1st (Pass 1st, Run 2nd)

Defense: 18th (vs. Pass 22nd, vs. Run 7th)

Pass Defense vs. Specific Targets

  • vs. #1 WR: 10th
  • vs. #2 WR: 1st
  • vs. Other WR: 32nd
  • vs. TE: 30th
  • vs. RB: 20th

Special Teams: 2nd

Drive Stats


  • Yards/Drive: 28th
  • Pts/Drive: 17th
  • TDs/Drive: 23rd
  • Punts/Drive: 32nd
  • TOs/Drive: 1st
  • Int/Drive: 5th
  • Fumbles/Drive: 1st
  • Drive Success Rate: 25th


  • Yards/Drive: 1st
  • Pts/Drive: 1st
  • TDs/Drive: 1st
  • Punts/Drive: 1st
  • TOs/Drive: 1st
  • Int/Drive: 1st
  • Fumbles/Drive: 10th
  • Drive Success Rate: 1st
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