When Ra's I Dowling comes back, and if he performs at the level a second round pick is supposed to perform. Will he play in the slot or Taliban or dennard. Who plays better on the outside or do you see Ra's I getting cut after camp.

Oh boy a Ras-I question! I had high hopes for Ras-I coming into this year, but after a second straight year of under performance and injuries I’m not holding out much hope for anything out of him next year.

Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us all, but I’m not holding my breath. Really all three of those guys are outside corners. And I know that the Pats would like a longer, physical outside corner like Dowling and Talib to enable them to play more man-to-man, but right now the jury is out on them.

Dennard will be back, and I haven’t seen enough out of Talib to make me think the Pats will break the bank to retain him. Thus I think corner will once again be an area where they’ll need to add personnel this off-season, both via free agency and the draft.

Dowling will have the chance to come back and compete for a job, but I think it’s a long shot to expect him to lock down a starting outside spot.

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