Pro Football Focus says the Patriots have blitzed more often over the last three games — 32.7 percent of the passing plays against Indy (second-most on the season), 27.5 percent against the Jets and 25 percent of the time against the Dolphins. That’s the first time this year they have blitzed on more than 25 percent of the passing plays over three straight games, per PFF. (By way of comparison, New England blitzed the most against the Seahawks at 41.2 percent, while they blitzed the least against the Ravens — 6.4 percent.)

•Per ESPN Stats & Information, the Patriots have steadily increased the number of rushers on any pass attempt, sack or quarterback scramble since the start of the season. In September, they sent five or more rushers on 12 percent of those plays. In October, that figure rose to 18.5 percent. In November, it moved to 22.3 percent.

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