Aaron Rodgers had an incredible game against the Texans, and that was when the Defense was healthy. Do you think Brady can replicate the success he had, especially with all of the Defensive injuries?

I think that game was also a little skewed because the Packers were on fire and the Texans were a little flat. And let’s not forget the Patriots aren’t exactly at full strength on offense either, if there’s a re-match New England will have an entirely different look with Gronk (hopefully) playing.

But despite all that I still think the Patriots should move the ball against the Texans, and exploit their secondary. What will matter most is finishing drives with touchdowns. They can’t bring a knife to this battle because it will be a gunfight.

No one reads coverage and match-ups better than Brady, so I think we’ll see a good chunk of Woodhead and the spread offense. The main guys will of course be Welker, Hernandez and Lloyd, with Lloyd being the real wild card. This is the week I think they really need something out of him, and I’d bet we see him moved around a lot more instead of simply keeping him outside.

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