Great piece from Chris Price, and he really nails it on the head with the quote below.

This is where Wilfork will likely suffer with Hall of Fame voters. The bottom line? The Hall likes big men, but doesn’t necessarily tend to reward big men in the middle who don’t pile up big sack numbers. Those who didn’t watch Wilfork over the course of his career will instead look at his statistical line and see a handful of sacks — he had just the 15th of his career Monday night against Houston — particularly when compared to some of the other defensive tackles of his era. Of course, Wilfork has played the majority of his career in a defense that didn’t call for a penetrating defensive tackle, but that won’t matter to voters who didn’t see him play on a regular basis and only look at his final numbers.

It’s really too bad because anyone who has watched the games know that Wilfork was the single most valuable piece for a team that won more games than anyone else over his career.

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