Brady is the MVP. And arguably, the best ever. My question and my wonder is how is there so much fascination on Peyton Manning as MVP this year? I respect and understand what Manning has done but even this year alone, TB12 is the clear cut MVP. Why the media (specially ESPN) fascination and almost "beatification" of Manning and why the tempered reaction for TB12? Thank you. GO PATS!

I don’t watch ESPN so I don’t know what they’re saying but I have a couple points to make on this topic.

First and foremost let’s see what happens Sunday night. If Brady puts in another performance like he did on Monday I don’t see how the argument can be made for Manning over Brady. The quality of the competition is just so lopsided, when all the other stats are equally comparable.

Second, I think the MVP argument is the most overblown thing in the NFL. It’s trying to determine the most important cog in a 53 cog machine. Who really cares? There are so many ways to determine value. Just tell me who the best is and don’t give me a “yeah but he’s just a system player” argument.

Adapting a system to a player is what smart teams do. It makes you think the only thing you need to make a convincing MVP argument is to have one awesome player surrounded by bums and bad coaches.

"They’d be 0-16 if it weren’t for this guy". Well what does that matter? Isn’t this a team sport? Why are we getting so worked up over that one argument?

It’s just because MVP has such a connotation to it that this one player is just the absolute best, but really when you boil it down it’s not about that, and in a team sport like football that really doesn’t matter.

Tell me who the best quarterback is in the NFL and I’m happy with that.

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