Two interesting defensive personnel nuggets of note:

Rookie end Chandler Jones was kept on the sideline for six drives after the 49ers’ 9-yard touchdown run by Frank Gore early in the third quarter. Jones appeared to get caught watching the play and was easily single-blocked before being pushed to the ground by a doubling offensive lineman late. Rookie Justin Francis took Jones’ place. Jones was on the field for just three snaps the rest of the game after Gore’s TD, all in the “heavy” package at the end of the fourth quarter. Looked like a “rookie moment” on a broken play for Jones and one the coaching staff addressed quickly. … The other notable personnel change came at safety, where Steve Gregory was replaced by Patrick Chung in the base defense after Michael Crabtree’s 27-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter. Gregory was spotted with a bandage on his head, although his absence was not injury-related, according to the team. The status of Jones and Gregory will be areas to watch in the weeks to come.

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