I know the we're stunned by the loss, but I'm going to ask some long-term questions. Ridley...how do you think his carries will be affected going forward? And I know home field advantage is important, but some of the recent super bowl winners have been wild card teams. After tonight, are you less confident in this team's ability to perform in big games on the road? I know tonight was a home game, but i thought we showed incredible heart.

How the carries are divided up these last two weeks will be interesting. You can bet they’ll give Brandon Bolden a shot to show if he can put together another explosive game like he did in Buffalo AND hold on to the ball unlike Ridley and Vereen.

I’m definitely not less confident in the Patriots after last night’s game. Their weaknesses continue to be their weaknesses… passing game… running hot and cold on both sides of the ball….

The 49ers attacked them exactly how they should have and if anything this should be a good wake up call.

However the unfortunate thing is that this game will likely have playoff implications and could’ve very well cost them a bye. I don’t doubt the Pats ability to perform on the road, but it’s certainly not easier when you have to leave the confines of Foxboro, and play an extra game.

All the ingredients are there for the Pats to put together a four game win streak in January/February, it’s just a matter of all of them coming together at the right time. They’re certainly not unbeatable, but they’ll definitely be a tough out for whoever has to see them in the playoffs regardless of where the game is.

Personally I think it comes down to Patriots-Broncos, though that could be the divisional match up.

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