When Gronkowski comes back for the playoffs and him and Hernandez can finally be on the field at the same time at 100% how dangerous do you think we can be? Considering we've put up a bunch of yards and points with just one of them on the field at any given point, do you think opposing defenses will be able to defend us when we can do what we want with our two dynamic tight ends?

It’s such an interesting dynamic to this season that Gronk and Hernandez really were only on the field for one game and change with both of them at full health. Especially when you consider that the Pats entire offense was supposed to be revolve around them.

The remaining question is whether or not Gronk is back to 100% by the playoffs. Certainly we can expect a little rust, but with broken bone he could still be limited a bit. So really we might not see the true power of the Gronk Hernando combo until next year.

But let’s say Gronk is back to almost 100% and Josh McDaniels is finally able to take full advantage of having two such diverse tight ends. This would certainly pose a whole new set of challenges for opponents because there just won’t be much film at all of what the Patriots will do with both of them on the field.

So yes it’s possible that it could be an advantage for the Patriots in the playoffs, but it really depends on how healthy Gronk is. Having to adapt without Gronk should provide some benefit regardless, especially with how Brandon Lloyd has emerged in recent weeks.

If the Pats are finally able to go back to their two tight end package that doesn’t require them to shift personnel look out.

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