Last year you picked DEs Chandler Jones 21st overall and Jake Bequette in the 3rd, and Justin Francis also made the team as an UDFA. No matter what people say, Rob Ninkovitch is here to stay on the left side and the coaching staff is still high on Jermaine Cunningham. If you have the opportunity to pick an Ezequiel Ansah or a Sam Montgomery late in the first, do you pull the trigger? Or do you think you have better picking a player that would help more in other areas (e.g. DT, DB or WR)?

I agree on Ninkovich so I think in the first round they might get better value at a position of more need. What I see right now as the biggest weakness on the Patriots is lack of interior defensive tackles behind Wilfork.

I think Kyle Love and Brandon Deaderick are nice players, but there’s a reason they were undrafted and a7th rounder respectively, and Wilfork was a first rounder.

My preliminary draft research has left me under the impression that the depth at defensive tackle is good this year so I’d love the Pats to take a couple of them. If they can’t get a first round talent who can play all downs I think they have to find an interior penetrator.

I’d put wide receiver next on the need list but those are so hard to project. But I think a big bodied guy on the outside would add another level to this offense.

You can never have too many defensive backs and it also seems like there are quite a few safeties in this year’s class.

McCourty should remain one one side, so the question is do the re-sign Chung, and how do they view Tavon Wilson long term. If Chung leaves they’ll want to add at least one more regardless. How about Ed Reed.

Another defensive end, especially as a designated pass rusher, could be useful, but maybe Bequette does develop there. I just continue to think they need to add at least two defensive tackles first and foremost and that is the easiest way to improve the team.

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