Speaking realistically, what do you think the chances of us getting a Bye week is?

Well I certainly like having two chances at it. If either the Broncos (vs. Chiefs) or Texans (@ Colts) lose the Pats have the wild card weekend off. 

Two interesting games with the Colts and Texans both already in the playoffs and maybe looking to rest some guys. But the Texans really need to pull out the win or risk falling to the third seed. It’s a delicate balance for them. I say they should play everyone this weekend to make sure everyone gets a rest next weekend.

But the Colts should play them hard.

I’m holding out hope that Pioli and Crennel can send us one last gift from Kansas City, and I’m sure Crennel will come up with some defensive looks to challenge Peyton. Still it might be a long shot.

I’d realistically put the Pats odds at 25%.

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