Final thoughts on Pats wrapping up the regular season

Hoping the Colts can pull this one out against the Texans, they lead 14-6 at the half, and a win would open the door for the Pats to get a needed bye. Some final other quick hit thoughts as we enjoy the last regular season Sunday of the season.

— Pass protection has been an issue the past couple weeks and Miami will be another good test. Would love to see the offensive line lock things down today. We don’t need Brady any more banged up, especially if we have to play next weekend.

— Wouldn’t mind seeing Bradon Spikes sit again, but he might need some work today to stay frosty.

— Same thing with Welker, if they can get a lead he might see some of his snaps reduced.

— Stevan Ridley could really use a big game today as a spring board into the playoffs. Last year he fumbled in the regular season finale and it set the tone for another one in the playoffs.

— Will be keeping an eye on Jermaine Cunningham, would be great if he looks fresh and explosive. Could be a huge boost in an area of need. It will be interesting to see how his return affects Justin Francis. Hopefully we see a little 4 defensive end nascar package.

— I think the Pats will keep it relatively vanilla today on both sides of the ball. They’re not going to bust out any crazy trick plays or anything.

— That said the biggest thing is escaping today with no major injuries, but getting a bye would really be huge. This Patriots team wasn’t devastated with season-ending injuries, but they’ve had a ton of lingering ones that have affected multiple players performances. There are a number of players that would benefit greatly from a week off. If the Colts can pull off the win it will make this last game even more exciting for Pats fans, and I’m always all for that.

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