1. How important is it that we got a Bye week? 2. Who do you think would be the best team for us to face in the divisional round?

Given the number of Patriots who are banged up getting the bye is a huge boost to the team. Of course it came at a probably cost of Ninkovich so that is something they’ll have to overcome barring a miraculous recovery. I do think between Trevor Scott, Jermaine Cunningham and Justin Francis they have some interesting players who will get a shot. 

I’m just fine seeing Houston again, they haven’t been the same team late  this season. Baltimore scare me a little. The Colts just a little less.

There’s no way around it, the Patriots will need their best three games of the season to win the Super Bowl, who they play really doesn’t matter that much. With their best game the Patriots are the best team in at least the AFC. That’s no assurance they’ll turn in their best games.

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