How do you think our 4 defensive end package (or NASCAR package) compares to the Giants NASCAR package? Considering when you hear NASCAR package it's typically associated with the Giants.

Well as compared to what we saw from the Giants last year the Pats’ version isn’t quite as dangerous, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction in terms of getting more pass rush.

Wilfork is a great option to keep on the field even in passing situations this time around for some run prevention and to eat up some blockers in the middle of the field. When Wilfork is on like he was the last time the Pats played the Texans or in last year’s AFCCG you don’t want to take him off the field.

But against the Broncos and maybe the Packers a pure pass rush package certainly has it’s advantages.

Still I think in the off-season the Pats will need to find a “get upfield” defensive tackle. Is anyone sick of me saying this yet? Get ready for three straight months of it after the season.

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