All 22 of the Patriots’ Week 1 starters remain on the active roster, which leaves them as the only team of the eight remaining playoff clubs that can say that. Every other playoff contender has at least one player who started for them in Week 1 who is no longer on the active roster, be it due to injury, release or another reason. (An examination of old game books suggests that 2012 is the first playoff run the Patriots have had under Bill Belichick since the 2001 season that all 22 Week 1 starters remain on the active roster).

In rarity, Pats have all starters intact - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston

Interesting stat. Health is one of the most underrated things for good teams, just look at the 2007 Pats who only lost Rosevelt Colvin before their Super Bowl run.

The real question for the Pats this year is can they overcome the little injuries that have bothered many guys on the team all year. Gronk, Hernandez, Spikes, Vollmer, Welker, Gregory, Talib, and Chung have all been dinged up and missed games this year.

The Pats’ Super Bowl hopes likely rest on how healthy that core of guys are. 

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