Thank you Ayanba…  Ayanba… Ayanba-gonna-have-a-target-on-his-back.

A Patriots source tells me Ayanbadejo’s quotes have spread through the locker room faster than the flu virus travelling across New England. Players who are aware of the quote are furious and feel it is one of the most disrespectful things ever said about the franchise. The Patriots will publicly deny all of this, especially Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They’ll act like the quote doesn’t matter. They’ll say they things like: “Never heard of the quote” “What quote?” “What’s a quote?” “Is that a sentence of some sort?” But privately, I can guarantee you, Belichick and Brady, in particular, will be furious. Spygate and losing the bid to go undefeated are sensitive areas to both men who are perfectionists, and feel Spygate is an unfair stain on both of their legacies. Belichick feels this especially (and I agree with him). Again, all of this will be publicly denied but it’s true. Motivational ploys and trash talking are often vastly overrated, but not in the Patriots locker room. That quote will be presented like Ayanbadejo said he was coming to Foxborough to set the stadium on fire.

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