So let’s look at Brendon’s argument: The Patriots are “suspect” because they… what? Don’t let defenses get set? Like they owed it to Houston last night on 1st & goal from the 2 to make sure they were good to go before snapping the ball? Is that about it? Like Brady should be required to say “Hey, fellas. You look confused. We’re all set, but why don’t you get all lined up and give us a signal when you’re ready? Sound good?” Because being faster, smarter and more practiced than the defense you’re playing is #bitchassness and not mano y mano. Got it. I guess instead of putting him down for sounding like a moron, I should give him credit for holding out a good hour before he brought up those old chestnuts SpyGate and 18-1. That’s probably his personal best. But I guess when you’re a 10 year veteran with 153 career tackles (16 in 2012) and 4.5 sacks, you’ve earned the right to pop off. You can’t spell Ayanbadejo without “bad.”
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