While much was made of a breakout game by Shane Vereen (who in fairness made some big plays in the passing game), it was the offensive line who stole the show, particularly on the left side. Logan Mankins may not have earned an All Pro nod this year, but he showed on his day his ceiling is as high as any guard in the league. Combined with a superb performance from Nate Solder ( 5.6) they made it so their runners always had something to work with. Mankins had a great deal of joy at the second level, finding his way to Barrett Ruud on a series of pull blocks where he enforced his will on the smaller Texans linebacker. Solder himself had a lot of joy here, seeking out second level defenders and attacking them with power whether it was a linebacker (2.21 to go in the third) or defensive back (such as with 13.06 to go in Q2). Bigger tests await them next week but more of the same and it will be hard for Baltimore to slow them down.

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