Patriots defense had worst game of season vs. Ravens

If there’s one point I think Bill Belichick might be hammering home this week is just how shredded the Pats defense was by the Ravens back in Week 3.

Chew on some of these numbers:

  • Flacco 382 yards passing.
  • Ravens 503 yards total offense.
  • Flacco 9.7 yards/attempt.
  • Ravens 4.7 yards per rushing attempt.
  • Patriots Defense 0 Sacks. 1 QB hit.
  • Ravens 4 80-plus yard touchdown drives.

Some other things of note from Pro Football Focus:

  • Just one Patriot defender “in the green” for grading out above average: Devin McCourty.
  • 6 Patriots defensive starters “in the red” for grading out below average.

And despite all this awfulness the Patriots still only lost by one point as time expired. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

We should certainly expect a better performance from the Pats D, and not just because they’ve replaced/moved 4 of their five top defensive backs since the last game.

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