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Moore’s play, to many, was the quintessential example of the Patriots way of playing. You play until the whistle, until the play is over, you never give up on a play, and you don’t take anything for granted. “Honestly, it might sound cliche’, but they teach it that way in New England,” Moore said. “It’s never stop hustling, just do the little things, and play to the whistle. We had a drill that we used to do at the end of practice with the receivers where we were just literally playing their hands. We don’t look back for the ball as a DB, it’s just when their hands go up we try to break through their hands. And that’s what came up late in that game, with the game and the season on the line. For me, it was the only time throughout the season that situation came up. That moment was the only chance I had to do that all season.”

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