Good breakdown from Bedard…

I don’t think either team will pressure the quarterback well. The Patriots are not going to allow themselves to get beat deep, so they’ll play a lot of two-deep safeties, and pick their spots to blitz and drop Gregory down as a robber to read Flacco’s eyes in the middle when he throws to Boldin and Pitta. The Patriots’ best chances at a pass rush are working off the attention the Ravens are sure to give Vince Wilfork, and Rob Ninkovich against right tackle Michael Oher. The Ravens need Suggs and Kruger to play the game of their lives. So that’s why, outside of turnovers, the key to victory will be which team runs the best. It’s a very even matchup without Gronkowski sealing the edge, but I think Josh McDaniels will scheme up some deception, and the Patriots will make a few plays with the no-huddle to gain the slim edge.

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