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It’s the first Best of PatsProp of the long, cold offseason, and I don’t blame any of you if you’re not ready to jump back in and look at a bunch of articles rehashing the Pats unfortunate demise just six days ago. So we’ll stick to just the measured, “here’s what went wrong, but don’t worry the Pats will be back” type takes.

Here at the Ministry of PatsPropaganda we’ve already turned the page and jumped head-first into the offseason. In just nine days it will be the offseason for everyone and the book can officially be closed on the 2012 season.

Mike D Analysis

Why the Patriots Must Alter Defensive Scheme Yet Again in 2013 —> must read from me if I do say so…

Stay or Go: Breaking Down Patriots’ Returning Defensive Starters | Bleacher Report

PatsPropaganda & Frenz Podcast Today 11am EST: 1/23 Patriots Season Wrap

Have Gronk, Will Travel: Patriots to play four playoff teams on road in 2013, including Ravens

Have Bill Belichick & the New England Patriots Lost Their Magic? —> don’t worry, they haven’t

RIP 2012 Patriots

Patriots Offseason Primers:

Local/National Analysis

Former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh’s first book lives on as a Super Bowl road map - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Word of Muth: Patriots Exit Exam

By the numbers: Ten stats that help tell story of 2012 Patriots - WEEI | Christopher Price

In their biggest game, the Patriots failed to measure up - Patriots -

Curran: Belichick does things his way, like it or not

New England Patriots show common threads in playoff losses - ESPN Boston

Five areas for Pats to focus on - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston

Maybe picking up one of our Do Your Job tees will make you feel better about how the season ended?

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