Lot of Ed Reed-to-the-Patriots rumors swirling lately. If Reed eventually end up in Foxboro, I could see the Patriots letting Talib walk ang going with a CB group of Dennard, Dowling, a high draft pick and Arrington / M. Cole. The thinking here would be that D-Mac, Reed and Gregory in the back end would strenghten enough the secondary and make up for the loss of Talib. Your thoughts Mike?

There’d certainly be riots in the streets of some Patriots fans if that happened, but I don’t think it’s out of the question. I’m not sure Reed gets out of Baltimore, we’ll see how the Super Bowl impacts that, but if he does I am positive the Patriots at least make the call to him.

Belichick is always willing to take a shot on a specially talented player no matter his age or off-the-field situation. I believe that he really relishes the chance to coach a special player he respects, and he respects no one more than Ed Reed.

Brian Cox, Rodney Harrison, Doug Flutie, John Lynch, Chad Johnson, and Albert Hayensworth all represent players who were special earlier in their career that Belichick brought aboard later. Some worked out, most didn’t. But he’s always willing to give them a shot.

So I have no doubt the Patriots would be interested in Reed, but does he get away from Baltimore and could the Patriots figure out the financial element of it? That remains to be seen.

But if they did get him I think it would improve the pass defense regardless of who is at cornerback. It starts up front, and they need to add some pass rushers, as they’ve already started doing. If they can lock down the back end as well I don’t really care too much who our corners are.

But I’d agree in that scenario they’d need to add a high round cornerback in the draft and at least a couple more in Free Agency.

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