Get your votes in for the first annual PatsPropaganda & Frenz Podcast Patriots Awards

Frenz and I are going to have a little fun with the podcast tomorrow (11am EST), handing out our awards to deserving Patriots and others from another spectacular season in 2012. Some will be silly and some will be serious, but we wanted to open up the floor to our readers and listeners on some of the categories.

So we want to hear from you guys, you can answer in the comments below, or tweet or email us. Got your own award you want to give out, you can do that too.  It’s all in fun and a way to celebrate a season that had a lot of great moments despite it’s disappointing end.

What’s the one Patriots game in 2012 you wish you attended in person?

What’s the one Patriots game in 2012 you’re glad you didn’t attend?

Who’s your favorite Patriot from 2012 (and why if you want to share)?

Who’s your most unfavorite Patriot from 2012 (and why)?

Best 2012 Patriots moment?

Worst 2012 Patriots moment?

We’ll read the best responses on the air and dish out the awards to those who get the most votes. We also have plenty of our own that we’ll be handing out. And the floor is always open if there’s a special one you’d like to give out.

Expect the Buttfumble to take home quite a few!

So what do you guys have to say?

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