After the Ravens won the AFC championship, Arthur, Jon and Chandler met up and took a picture. Jon told Shutdown Corner that he wanted to share the picture with fans, but Chandler worried about one person seeing the pic. “We haven’t seen each other much and I said, we should take a picture, because I was automatically thinking about the fans and what they wanted to see. I’m sure they wanted to share that moment with us. It was a picture of me and Chandler holding up Arthur. I tweeted it, and Chandler had no clue I tweeted the picture,” Jon said. “He was like, [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick is not going to want to see a picture of me holding up a Raven with a smile on my face. I understood, so I took the picture down, but it was so much more about being with our brother. We were so happy for Arthur.”

Patriot Chandler Jones didn’t want Bill Belichick to see a picture with his Ravens brother | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Ah yes, reminds me how scared we all were of my college hockey coach as freshmen…

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