Mike, what's the rush to trade away Mallett? He's under contract through 14, and backup QB seems like an important enough position to hold on to the investment — unless a 1st rounder can be had in return.

I’ve never understood the Mallett buzz because assuming other teams have seen what I’ve seen of him in the preseason, I don’t see how any of them think he’s ready to start in the NFL. I think a lot of it is just the Patriots trying to maneuver to move him, but I just don’t get it. He has a cannon arm, but honestly I thought we saw more out of Brian Hoyer in terms of consistency and pocket presence, and he wasn’t even signed right away as a free agent. 

So yeah, I don’t think he’s going anywhere, especially not for anything more than a 4th round pick. You’re right, it makes the most sense to hang on to him. I could see them bringing in another QB this offseason. If Brady is here till 2017 I think the 2015 draft will be the one to watch in terms of trying to find his replacement.

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