The first thing we did was make sure we can try to keep Tom Brady off the field as long as possible. You saw where the time of possession was. We wanted to put together long sustained drives that ended in points. The longer we could keep them off the field, the less opportunity he was going to have to score, which he is eventually going to do as good as he is. The other thing is you can’t give him pre-snap information. And, he is going to look at things. He is going to do everything he can to gather information on what the defense is doing and if you give him the same looks, if he knows it goes. And we moved guys around from where they were, changing linebacker spots, focused on the skies all during the week, and told the guys if you are not lying you are not trying. Everybody had to do it. Nobody could be the tell there. The other thing is, going into the second half, we had a different plan we were going to use. Saying, they’re going to make the adjustment based on what we have done in the first half. Now we have got to bring something out that is different that he hasn’t seen to this point in the game. Let them try to figure that out. Then we can go back to the other stuff that we used initially.

Eric Mangini on how he slowed Tom Brady with the Browns.

How AFC East Rivals Can Catch the New England Patriots | Bleacher Report

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