Mallett’s Arkansas offense has same terminology as Patriots

Interesting nugget from Ian Rapoport regarding Ryan Mallett and the similarities in terminology between Arkansas and the Patriots:

Did you know that the Patriots and Arkansas call their plays exactly the same way?

Oh, it’ll be similar,” Petrino told me in his office. “It’ll even be plays that will be called the same, where he’ll step in and it’ll be exactly the same.”


How exactly?

Simply because I grew up in Jacksonville with Tom Coughlin,” Petrino said, “which ties back to (Bill) Parcells. Like, I heard (Tom) Brady call the play on TV the other day: 136 Dual Y Choice. That’s the exact same way we would call that play. So, there’s certain things that are going to be real easy carryover. Because of the system we use, and it’s kinda been that line with Coach Coughlin. He had responsibilities in protections, which obviously in the NFL, you have to do,” Petrino continued. “We did it very similar to the way he’ll do it there.

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