Hey, bud! Just wanted to chime in and tell you that Rex Ryan is getting a Gatorade bath this upcoming Sunday around 4:15. And that the Jets are going to leave the whole Pats team feeling the way Brady did when Edelman left him hanging.

Ah my oldest and dearest Jets frenemy, good to hear from you!

Well, it will be a much deserved gatorade bath, moving to 4-3, with a chance to potentially have sole possession of third place in the division in mid-October. They better make sure the coolers are filled because that kind of achievement means the gatorade should flow like wine!

But seriously, it’s there for the taking. Jets are at home. The Pats have no Wilfork, Kelly, Mayo, Connolly, probably no Talib or Amendola, maybe no Gronk. Never has a more undermanned and starless Patriots team faced Rex. So good luck and may the better team win!

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