And now here’s my piece from this morning, breaking down the best and worst case scenarios for the Pats. Little bit of a projection going on here, but one thing is for sure, the Pats have had far more success when they’ve taken a player at the bottom of the first round than when they’ve taken one at the top of the second.

Yes, we are full-speed ahead this week on the draft with the posting of the big board and now this article for B/R. Tune into our podcast today for even more discussion!

Kicking off the week with a recap of what the Pats have done and what’s still left to do this offseason.

Getting a late start here at the Ministry of PatsPropaganda today, but here’s a new post on Sportsblog taking a closer look at what the Manziel and Bridgewater visits mean.

New post up on Sportsblog, making the case that elite pass rush has become more important than the traditional “elite” quarterback.

Give me a mistake-free game manager and a consistent pass rush from the edges and interior and they’ll beat any team.

Taking a closer look at the signings so far and guessing at their impact.

Friday B/R column is up, check it!

New post is up over at Sportsblog, just wondering if it’s time for the AFC East to take to the ground vs. the Pats. It’s still early in the offseason and there are plenty of moves yet to come, but right now, given the value and who’s available on the running back market, it could make sense.

Kicking off Tuesday with one of my weekly pieces over at Bleacher Report, taking a closer look at each of the Pats’ signings thus far and just how they might fit into the equation.