Happy Birthday, Coach Belichick!

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Coach Belichick bringing it up this year, and the way he argued it, it really does bring the discussion of instant replay — the future of it — into the light, if you will,
In the new movie “Draft Day,” in which Kevin Costner wheels and deals as general manager of the Browns, one of the methods the Browns used to judge quarterbacks was to give each a playbook and tape a $100 bill to the last page. The quarterbacks were then asked to send the playbooks back, and if the $100 bill was still there, the team knew the prospect didn’t read the entire playbook or had lied about doing so. Ivan Reitman, the movie’s director, appeared on comedian Dennis Miller’s syndicated radio show last week and spoke about how that detail was added to the flick. “Denis [Leary] actually went to Bill Belichick for help,” Reitman said of the movie’s other star, who plays the Browns’ coach. “He told him we had the story — you’ll know it when you see it — of the $100 bill. Belichick said, ‘How’d you know about that?’ “And Belichick said, ‘Look, I invented that.’



Secrets of the Game with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Love love love! Listen to BB going to bat for the rule changes he and the Pats proposed. Also like that he brings up the fans more than a couple times. Bruce Allen laughing in the background is pretty great too.

Bill Belichick’s Greatest Comedy Hits from Tuesday’s Press Conference

Nobody does it quite like BB…

Great read here from Matt Bowen at B/R on the impact of Browner and Revis.

McCourty played at a Pro Bowl level last season from my perspective and has the range, plus the transition skills (hips, footwork, speed out of his pedal), to benefit greatly as a middle-of-the-field defender with Revis and Browner on the field.

Brady, Belichick and Revis Built this City on Rock n’ Roll.

This video has left me speechless and I cannot stop watching it!! But yeah, it pretty much sums up how giddy I’m feeling about watching this trio together this year. Wow.

Sing It Kitty- Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Darrelle Revis (by Ken Dis-Chargeman)

Thanks to @614Patsfan for sending it to me… I think.

[T]he only reason we know Belichick’s weaknesses so well is because his strengths have kept him at the top of the NFL for over a decade. Willing to go “multiple” on both sides of the ball, Belichick is only married to one system: Winning. He’s constantly reinventing, and continually ahead of the rest of the league as a result. Belichick’s chameleon ways as a team builder can lead to some flop acquisitions, and lots of hurt feelings. All the while, the bottom line never changes — Belichick’s Patriots are always at the top.