A Belichickian gem from our friends at #doyourjob #patriots


A Belichickian gem from our friends at #doyourjob #patriots

Must-watch as always!

BB takes a look at Ryan Allen’s first quarter punt, or as I called it at the time, “the best Patriots play of the last three quarters”. Then the McCourty interception which felt like the moment the season actually started.

He also breaks down the pass coverage on one of Hightower’s sacks — something I was really impressed with after reviewing the All-22 tape.

“It means a lot, what it really means is that I have coached a lot of good football players. Those are the guys that win the game, players win games in this league. And I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to coach a lot of good players. And so that’s really about them winning the games.”

[W]e had more fundamental and technique breakdowns than we did just bad – an assortment of mental errors. That was true defensively as well. I don’t think it was a game where there was a lot of missed assignments. It was more, I would say, a lack of execution of good fundamentals.

Great long read on BB from Jeff Howe looking back at his long road to being the greatest coach of all time.

The only thing the Patriots are “all in” on is the sustainability of the program today and tomorrow. And next season. And the one after that.
Logan Mankins is everything we would ever want in a football player. It is hard to imagine a better player at his position, a tougher competitor or a person to represent our program. He is one of the all-time great Patriots and the best guard I ever coached. Logan brought a quiet but unmistakable presence and leadership that will be impossible to duplicate. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when difficult decisions have to be made - and this is one of the most difficult we will ever make - but like every other decision it was made for what we feel is in the best interests of the team.

Bill Belichick Statement on Logan Mankins trade.

TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter

One of the unforgettable images of Patriots training camp came Aug. 5 when the team held a three-hour full-pads joint practice with Washington in hot, humid temperatures, before Bill Belichick capped it off by having players run end-of-practice sprints while imploring them to dig deeper because it could be how they feel in the fourth quarter when a game is on the line. I asked cornerback Darrelle Revis about Belichick’s direct involvement with the team’s conditioning, and he agreed it’s a bit different from what he’s seen in the past, when a strength coach is usually the person leading those drills. Revis shared the viewpoint that it’s not just about conditioning — which will be key with a sweltering season opener Sept. 7 in Miami — but also Belichick’s way of attempting to build mental toughness within his team.
Bill Belichick is always thinking of ways to build a better team and foster more team chemistry, and there was something notable along those lines in the Patriots’ locker room after Friday’s preseason game: Many of the lockers of returning players were moved to a different spot in the room.