Welcome to football season; we’re here. It’s always an exciting time of year – the start of training camp.
Bill Belichick’s texts to Aaron Hernandez REVEALED!

Bill Belichick’s texts to Aaron Hernandez REVEALED!

Thanks to @PatriotsSB49 for the find. These are always must-post in-season, but here Field Gulls (a Seahawks blog) put all of them in one place. Doesn’t get any better than this!

When you get him off the media and doing all that stuff, and he gets more into his comfort zone where it’s him up there teaching football and teaching guys life lessons, you get to see a different side of him. I think that’s the joy of playing for him — you learn things football-wise and he does a good job for each one of us of just trying to give us some lessons that will help you in life.
Bill asks questions,” Revis said. “He’ll ask questions, he’ll try to get other people’s insight, especially veterans. He’ll sit down and have a conversation with you. I think that’s why he’s so genius at what he does. He’s very smart, but at the same time he knows the pulse of the team.

Darrelle Revis calls Bill Belichick a ‘player coach’ | masslive.com

This one of of the big takeaways from Education of a Coach (which if you haven’t read, go get it and read it asap) and why the whole “Belichick is arrogant” storyline never rings true to me.

Revis is a good player and I’m glad we have him," he said. "We’ll keep working with him. There is still a lot for him to learn in a new system and all that. But he’s a very experienced and accomplished player and we’ll just try to fit him in to the things we’re doing, both individually and collectively and his other teammates in the secondary, especially once we get into multiple defensive back groups — with five, six, however many are on the field at the same time, there is a lot of communication and adjustments and things like that involved too. He’s worked hard and done fine.
Happy Father’s Day!!

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I think Coach Belichick’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around and probably one of the best coaches the game’s ever seen. He’s extremely thorough. He’s extremely disciplined in his approach. He’s simplistic and complex at the same time. Some people take the simple and make it complex. Bill takes the complex and makes it simple and I think that when you’re able to do that and do that for your players, they can function better mentally and physically and that’s the goal. The goal is to reduce the amount of mental drag on your players so they can play the game fast. And finding players that can do that is an important quality that we all look for.

CBS This Morning: Bill Belichick “Belichick’s Brain” (by Lauren Vance)

Just ignore the parts where they talk about the upcoming Super Bowl.