Great read from Oliver Thomas on Devin McCourty. With better cornerback play, McCourty might really cement his place as a top-5 safety in the NFL this season. Hopefully the Pats can lock him up to an extension before that happens, because the price tag will only be heading up.

Devin McCourty Highlights.

Get that extension done! Remember when there was a good chunk of Pats Nation up in arms that the Pats would take a “special teams player” in the first round? Yeah, that was dumb…

Great new McCourty art from Alay Patel. Check out his work for all 32 NFL teams here!

Great new McCourty art from Alay Patel. Check out his work for all 32 NFL teams here!

I joked with (Wilfork). I told him I went down to Florida to make sure he came back, so he kind of owes me a little percent of his contract. He’s the heart and soul of not just the defense but the team. Everyone in that locker room listens to Vince when he speaks. He’s not a guy that is just talking all the time or talking to talk. When he speaks, everyone listens.

Great read here from Matt Bowen at B/R on the impact of Browner and Revis.

McCourty played at a Pro Bowl level last season from my perspective and has the range, plus the transition skills (hips, footwork, speed out of his pedal), to benefit greatly as a middle-of-the-field defender with Revis and Browner on the field.

Good stuff from D-Mac. Glad to have this guy on the back end of the defense and he should be getting an extension this offseason.

Good stuff from Frenz on McCourty’s transition to safety.

Free safety Devin McCourty leads the defense in snaps played (652 of 659) and has been one of the NFL’s best this season. He leads all safeties with five passes defended, has two forced fumbles and an interception, hasn’t committed a penalty, and his tip-drill assist on Marquice Cole’s interception against the Dolphins was unbelievably heady.