Julian Edelman | New England Patriots Highlights | MiniTron | HD (by ThePatriotWayMixes)

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Julian Edelman “MiniTron” Highlights (by Angel Morales)

Just the mentality of the team, how everything is done — the scheme, the players, the locker room, the fans – it’s just something that I couldn’t leave. I’m really glad they were able to work something out and bring me back.

Julian Edelman says decision to remain with the New England Patriots was an easy one | masslive.com

Just so excited to have Edelman back, he competes so hard and has really earned everything he’s gotten. It wasn’t an easy road for him but it’s good to see him get rewarded for his hard work and I’m looking forward to rooting for him for another 4-(ish) years.

Patriots Re-Sign Julian Edelman

Things are really coming together nicely for the Pats in the last few days, with Julian Edelman now returning to New England.

There are still some holes to fill, to be sure. They don’t have a starting center yet and the depth behind Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich remains paper thin. The Vince Wilfork situation is still unfolding as well, although it doesn’t seem like a return is totally ruled out at this point.

But overall the secondary and weaponry are looking pretty solid heading toward the draft. Re-sign Wendell, add a defensive end or two and the Pats will be looking as strong as ever for 2014 even before they add any rookies.

Terms are not yet known.

Pats/Edelman can’t reach deal

Looks like Edelman will hit free agency and the Pats will move on to another option.

Expect the Pats to be taking a look at other receivers in the next day. As we saw last year with Welker, they are likely done with Edelman.

There’s also this:

Amendola signed a five-year, $28.5 million contract last offseason that was only guaranteed for two years. If the Patriots cut Amendola before March 11 at 4 p.m., they could free up $2.88 million in salary cap room by making him a June 2 designation. If the Patriots trade Amendola, it would cost them $645,000 in cap room.

Report: New England Patriots Could Trade Or Release Danny Amendola | New England Patriots | NESN.com

I’ve spent most of the offseason thinking that Amendola could not be cut without the Pats taking a cap hit for it, but with this June 1 designation it changes things up for me a bit.

2013 was an audition year for both Edelman and Amendola in a sense. Edelman won. He brings more value, has a clear chemistry with Brady and is a very good punt returner. If the Pats can dump Amendola and keep Edelman in a cap-friendly way, I’m in.