œI don’€™t see any slowdown in his game to say, ‘€˜OK, who is better than him right now.’€™ I think it’€™s very difficult to say that,’€ he said of Mankins. ‘€œI think there are some tackles who are clear cut, because tackles do more than guards. I think that him and [right guard] Dan Connolly, it’€™s a good setup, because I think your guard makes your tackle better and your center better because they work so well together, between him and Dan. They’€™ve had a lot of changes in that line to, on the right side at tackle. I just think that the fact that he lines up and plays every snap, kicks out and plays tackle when they need to in a pinch with no loss of technique, that’€™s impressive.
The bye week was huge,” he said. “I’m sure everyone saw me hobbling around. It was nice to get that extra week of treatment in … It’s going [well], it’s improved every day.

Tough-minded Logan Mankins talks ankle injury - ESPN Boston

So good to see Mankins has practiced all week. Good sign and I’d bet if he played on a torn ACL he barely even needs an ankle at all to play this weekend and play well.

Mankins is currently getting some extra attention by virtue of the Patriots moving him from left guard to left tackle after starter Nate Solder went down with a concussion two weeks ago. You can count on one hand the number of left guards in the league who could make that move without drowning. Mankins was a tackle at Fresno State before moving inside as a pro, during which he’s been the consummate Bill Belichick player: versatile, physical, and angry. The Patriots have had to lean on their running game to manufacture yards this year because of receiver issues, and Mankins has been the guy who has made that possible. The Patriots are second in Adjusted Line Yards behind left tackle and tops in the league in runs to the middle of the line, which are the two areas where Mankins would have the most noticeable impact.

This is disconcerting…

A troubling trend is developing at left guard for the Patriots. Logan Mankins has earned three significant negative grades as a pass blocker in his last four games – a stretch unlike we’ve seen from him in the five-plus years we’ve been grading his play. His Pass Blocking Efficiency rating is dropping (now 95.5, 36th among guards) and, when combined with center Ryan Wendell’s known weakness in that aspect, is working to widen the danger area for potential problems, not something Brady will like to see given his history with pressure up the middle. With 13 total pressures allowed in the three games (sandwiched around a clean sheet against the Jets) compared to the seven pressures he gave up in the season’s first five weeks, there’s hope that is an extended blip. The Patriots will hope that’s the case and not a downturn of longer hold.

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It’s been pretty annoying this year,” Mankins said. “This is just one of those years where it seems like everything gets right and then something else happens. You’ve just got to take it and try to do the best you can to stay out there, and hopefully I’ll be out there sooner or later.

Wow. Now if he can just avoid the “down year after an acl” syndrome…

I’m told that Mankins is expected to begin training camp on the PUP list (which was expected) and there is every reason to believe he will come off the PUP list before the end of training camp and be ready for the Patriots’ opener against the Titans. His progress was termed as “awesome.”
Left guard Logan Mankins was on hand for the retirement ceremony, and he was coming from a workout so he was wearing gym shorts, which made it clear he wasn’t wearing a brace or sleeve over his surgically repaired knee. He was also standing around for at least an hour and a half, which I’d have to believe is a sign of progress.