Friday’s B/R piece is up, taking a look at my picks for the best and worst draftees of the last decade. Gronk and Hernando are off it because I feel like both lived up to the reasons they dropped. Good players, but issues have kept them off the field and from reaching their full potential.

2014 PatsPropaganda Patriots Top 50 NFL Draft Board

For the past three years, I’ve put together a Patriots-only big board, ranking 50 prospects that I like most for the Pats, roughly in the order that I like them. Needs are taken into account and I try to spread them out across all levels to try and hit as many as possible. Think of this like a big lottery ticket.

My scores in past seasons: 2011 - four out of nine picks, 2012 - two of seven picks, and 2013 - two out of seven picks (plus Chris Jones though he wasn’t drafted by the Pats). Can I break .500 this year??

Input is welcome, but my only rule is to keep it to 50 guys, so for every guy I add, someone’s gotta come off. Many of you know these prospects far better than I do, so make your case in the comments for additions and subtractions. 

Without further ado, here it is…

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Kicking off the new week with a reset of the depth chart. Still holes to fill but the 2014 Pats are coming into shape…

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Feeling a little nostalgic today…

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Friday B/R column is up, check it!

Frenz and I are back with our second podcast in as many weeks, although without the comedic stylings of Fitzy this week. Talkin’ Pats obvs…

Report: Patriots inquire about DeSean Jackson

It’s already Tuesday night and it was surprising that the ever-churning Patriots rumor mill hadn’t found something new to glom onto, and alas, here we go…

Look, I think the Patriots do their due diligence on any and everyone that is or could potentially become available. It doesn’t mean they’re actively pursuing him, it means they likely asked what it would take to get him and are weighing the value and risks of that compensation.

But this would certainly put the “Patriots need a deep threat” crowd into a frenzy. On the field there’s no question that DeSean Jackson would add an element that has been missing since Randy Moss circa mid-2009ish.

Is he worth all the other baggage he comes with off-the-field and in the locker room? That’s for the Patriots to ultimately decide.

We’ll see how it all unfolds over the next few days, but as I see it, there are far bigger needs in the front seven and offensive line than the one to take a chance on someone like Jackson. I’d still prefer Kenny Britt if he’s still potentially in the mix.

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