Good stuff from Rich Hill at PatsPulpit, illustrating the Pats decline in short yardage situations. Like most anyone, including Rich, I’m surprised at Sammy Morris’ numbers in those situations, but as Rich points out, much of this is attributed to the quality of the interior linemen.

The decline must be directly linked to the transition from Mankins-Koppen-Neal to our current Mankins-Wendell-Connolly. This is obviously a point I’ve hit on a lot this offseason - the need to upgrade the interior OL for the long term. I think they need to spend at least one high-round pick at G or C.

The New England Patriots have allowed a total of three sacks in their last five games. Since allowing four sacks to the Denver Broncos in Week 5, the Patriots’ offensive line has done a much better job of protecting Tom Brady. New England’s ability to run the ball and Brady’s quick release have also contributed to the improvement in this area.

7. New England Patriots PB = 16th, RB = 3rd, PEN = 1st Even with Logan Mankins less than 100% the line has still come together to play well with nobody more so than Sebastian Vollmer. Special credit to the run blocking of Ryan Wendell, and how Nate Solder has held up at left tackle.