Here it is, in all it’s anticlimactic glory:

Week 1: at Washington Redskins
Week 2: Philadelphia Eagles
Week 3: Carolina Panthers
Aug. 28: at New York Giants

I do like that they’ll face the Eagles. That will likely mean joint practices and a chance to face a unique and troublesome offense. Always good to stress your defense in the preseason like that.

The Week 3 game is often one where the starters play their most significant snaps. The Pats had a great game last year against the Panthers, so this should also be another good test.

And of course, the finale with the Giants in NY. I always just love seeing Elijah and friends.

2014 PatsPropaganda Patriots Top 50 NFL Draft Board

For the past three years, I’ve put together a Patriots-only big board, ranking 50 prospects that I like most for the Pats, roughly in the order that I like them. Needs are taken into account and I try to spread them out across all levels to try and hit as many as possible. Think of this like a big lottery ticket.

My scores in past seasons: 2011 - four out of nine picks, 2012 - two of seven picks, and 2013 - two out of seven picks (plus Chris Jones though he wasn’t drafted by the Pats). Can I break .500 this year??

Input is welcome, but my only rule is to keep it to 50 guys, so for every guy I add, someone’s gotta come off. Many of you know these prospects far better than I do, so make your case in the comments for additions and subtractions. 

Without further ado, here it is…

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Kicking off the week with a recap of what the Pats have done and what’s still left to do this offseason.

Kicking off Thursday with an updated look at the Pats current salary cap situation with a huge hat tip to Miguel Benzan of There are a lot of sites that claim to be up-to-date on the Pats’ numbers but Miguel has been doing this far longer than anyone and is the only one I truly trust.

New post up at SportsBlog, taking a closer look at what’s on the line for Gronk this season.

Kicking off Tuesday with one of my weekly pieces over at Bleacher Report, taking a closer look at each of the Pats’ signings thus far and just how they might fit into the equation.

Patriots sign Brandon LaFell to a three-year deal

The Patriots added another receiver Saturday after Julian Edelman, locking up Brandon LaFell to a three-year deal.

After a hot streak seems like there are plenty of Pats fans lukewarm on this signing, but I just see it as business as usual. Another mid-range vet who will be given a chance to compete. Sometimes those players actually are just JAGs, other times they turn into Ninkovich.

You can never tell who will blossom under elite coaching and elite quarterback play. But LaFell has good size and has improved in each of his four seasons.

It’s about competition and depth. How will it turn out? We’ll find out in August.

Brandon Browner signs 3-year deal with Patriots

It’s finally official!

Between Revis and Browner, it’s hard to remember a more exciting time in the Patriots secondary. Who knows how it will all come together, with Browner out the first four games, serving his suspension, but after that the Pats have incredible versatility and depth in their secondary now and have the ability to matchup with any offense.

The days of having only cornerbacks under 5’10” are over!

Brady, Belichick and Revis Built this City on Rock n’ Roll.

This video has left me speechless and I cannot stop watching it!! But yeah, it pretty much sums up how giddy I’m feeling about watching this trio together this year. Wow.

Sing It Kitty- Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Darrelle Revis (by Ken Dis-Chargeman)

Thanks to @614Patsfan for sending it to me… I think.