And here’s Frenz’s great review with pretty GIFs and diagrams. 

Wednesday morning means the film reviews are starting to pour in. Let’s start it off with one of my favorite ones from Nick Underhill.

Sad but true:

Add it all up — backups subbing for Pro Bowlers, defensive backs struggling through injuries and having too many communication errors, and the front four not getting to the passer — and you have a defense that has allowed 414 yards and 28.6 points over their last five games.

Lots of great stuff here in Doug Kyed’s film review as well…

Nick Underhill’s film review has elevated to one of the must-reads of this season. His thorough analysis has been welcome replacement for Greg A. Bedard’s fabulous work of the last couple seasons.

Too much interesting stuff in here to pick out just one nugget, so read it all!

It’s not getting much mention yet this week, but the Pats o-line is certainly starting to string together a good stretch of games. Especially the interior guys, who were inconsistent early this season.

Center Ryan Wendell and right guard Dan Connolly had a little trouble at times, but the offensive line was excellent overall in pass protection, allowing only one sack in 42 passing plays. We counted 16 Houston blitzes, and Watt seemed to twist or stunt on every single play. But the five offensive linemen worked well together, correctly handled their assignments, and kept Tom Brady clean for most of the game. Nate Solder had a really nice bounce-back game after allowing two sacks to the Broncos’ Von Miller. Logan Mankins had another nice game, but did miss a block that would’ve sprung Vereen for a big gain on a screen pass.

The All-22 film reviews are pouring in this morning. Good stuff from all the beat guys and I try to pick out nuggets that stood out to me in my own watching of it. Here’s one from Nick Underhill…

One negative about the switch to more 3-4 looks: Rob Ninkovich and Chandler Jones are often forced to drop into coverage. Ninkovich dropped back into coveage 10 times Sunday, while Chandler Jones dropped back five times. If it’s about getting the best 11 men on the field and putting them in a position to succeed, a 4-3 look with Chandler Jones and Ninkovich as the ends and either Jamie Collins or Dane Fletcher essentially taking the place of one of the defensive linemen may be a stronger front.

Must-read as Nick Underhill grades the film…

All the stuff about Tom Brady struggling earlier in the year? Throw it out. The Pats QB has put together three consecutive solid performances now, and what he did against the Broncos may be his best showing of the year. With temperatures low enough to make you swear, which is likely what Manning did after several of his throws, Brady whipped the ball around the field like it was nothing. His performance in the third quarter was nothing short of stunning. After struggling to move the ball in the first half, he came out and completed 12-of-14 passes, throwing into the wind, for 163 yards and two touchdowns. Most of Brady’s damage was done over the short area over the middle of the field, though he did complete 12 passes outside the numbers. Brady was blitzed on nine attempts and completed eight of his passes.

Good breakdown from Frenz, with his usual great screen shots and GIFs, like this key third down where Brady went to Dobson.